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FYI Family

FYI Family

At FYI, we consider every client a new member of our family. We have been in the yachting business for more than 25 years – building a network of friends and colleagues all around the world.

Give us a call @ 305-854-6020. We are ready to serve you!

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Ralph Navarro
Founder & Brand Ambassador


Arney Mendez
VP of Sales & Yacht Consultant


Roberto Bustamante
Fleet Captain


Rudy Gil
Yacht Consultant


Captain Hiram Concepcion
Yacht Consultant


Raul Leoni
Yacht Consultant


Tony Castro
Yacht Consultant

Ramon Canela
Chairman Venezuela

Liena Quesada
Listing Secretary/ Administrative Assistant

Michelle Boyle
Executive Manager

Ricky Llorente
New Boat Sales & Trade-Ins