Our CEO and Founder, Ralph Navarro, was honored at the Monica Burguera Foundation’s Signature Event on October 18th, as a Boat Safety Advocate. During the silent auction, Mr. Navarro, won a $500 certificate bid prize that includes a day of ‘yacht services’ designed to improve yachting safety and awareness. The prize is catered to the yacht and the owner, and the yacht services include: yacht survey, safety inspection, servicing & maintenance, owner & crew training with specific operating manuals, and motor yacht captaining. Overall the evening was a complete success, and Mr. Navarro is devoted, as well as the Monica Burguera Foundation, to encouraging watercraft safety through education to promote a safer community.

It is our aspiration at Florida Yachts International to continue supporting the Monica Burguera Foundation to promote boat safety, and to secure a safer environment for our yacht community and friends.


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