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Aircraft Division

Aircraft Division

FYI Aerostore is the aircraft division of FYI International, offering expertise in the purchase of private jets and helicopters worldwide.

While FYI started and continues to be a world leader as a luxury yacht company, we have found that our clients also have a need for private air transportation, and we bring our years of expertise in negotiations and market knowledge to both sectors. High quality, comfort, safety and security are universal demands, and we help private jet and helicopter clients get all of that and more at the best prices with no compromises.

There has never been a better time to purchase a private jet or helicopter, with prices half of what they were before the global economic recession and strong wealth creation in Brazil and Russia ensuring that current purchases will retain their value. We have a large inventory of aircraft for sale worldwide, including jets and helicopters for sale from private distressed sellers and banks. Our expert team can help you tell a cheap offer from a great bargain, and we will oversee every detail of the transaction on your behalf.

If you have always dreamed of flying on your terms, on your schedule and in your idea of luxury, then now is the time to buy a private jet or helicopter through the FYI Aerostore.